Website Background

In the year I’ve had this website, I designed it all from the view of a 1440×900 laptop screen. Now, a year later, I’ve built myself a proper rig and bought a 1600×900 monitor. It’s now come to my attention that this whole time, there’s been a horrible black bar scaling the entire right hand side of each page of everything being displayed -_- It turns out “Centered” doesn’t also apply a stretch… Quite embarrassing.

Anyway, I’ve reuploaded the image in a much higher resolution. If you’re still seeing the black bar on either side, you’ve got one big ass monitor.

The Dark Mercenaries

I’m in the early stages of a new project to swap a majority of Terran units for the campaign mercenary units and some models found in the Left 2 Die mod, and Protoss units for units known as the “Dark Protoss” which were apparently used in the campaign for a particular mission. I’ll also be adding a few Zerg models, but there’s a very limited choice.

I won’t be uploading it to the website until I’m happy that it’s finished and working properly, but you can find an early version still being updated at Team Liquid.

Decals and Portraits Report

I recently finished writing the tutorial on how to swap decals or make your own, which can be found here. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to change the profile portraits. I’ve a feeling the information is stored server-side, as I spent hours looking for them throughout the MPQ archives without success. I also noticed that after you swap your decal, it changes in game, but when you’re in the menus selecting the decal as you would select your portrait, it remains the original default decal which also leads me to believe that information is stored server-side. By the looks of it, it’s impossible to make custom portraits. Sorry about that.