Dark Mercenary Model Swap

This is a new mod people were requesting a while ago, but I never got around to doing because I knew it’d take up quite a bit of time, and I was on holidays. Basically, this swaps all of the Terran multiplayer models with the campaign mercenaries, as well as the collectors edition Thor, Outback Hunter and Mercenary reaper from the Left 2 Die mod, and the Science Vessel swapped with Raven.

On top of that, while I was messing around with this, I also came across a number of new Protoss models called the “Dark Protoss”. I don’t know if these were actually used in the campaign, I don’t remember seeing them, but they were in the campaign MPQ archive anyway. There was no dark model for the Collosus or Phoenix, so I swapped the Phoenix with the Hero from the last Protoss mission of the campaign. There’s still a bug with this that I’m trying to fix which is that it won’t turn when it’s firing, it just continues facing the path it’s moving in unlike the standard phoenix. All of the Dark flying units didn’t have a warp in animation either, so I had to leave that default. I also added the “Dark Pylon”, a model no longer in the game.

“The Dark Pylon is not in the multiplayer version of the game. Originally, when it was being tested, it would cloak buildings in a radius around the building, making it more difficult for enemies to scout out ‘tech’ buildings in a Protoss base, to determine how they were teching. Additionally, it also hid base defenses until they began firing.

The Dark Pylon was taken out because it was not found as useful as what was intended. There are discussions of finding a possible replacement building that would also serve as a base defense, but nothing has been confirmed yet.”

I’ve also recently finished a complete retexture of the Protoss buildings to match the units

I also included a few models that can be found in the Left 2 Die mod for Zerg. I left out the “Kaboomer” Baneling, because they were pretty much identical. As for the Roach Hunterling swap, the Hunterling is actually a melee unit, so it doesn’t actually have set coordinates for a ranged attack animation. Because of that, you’ll see part of the roach acid stream appear behind the Hunterlings head. If you don’t want it, just look through the download and delete anything with hunterling, roach or brutalisk in the name. Also included is the Choker, Swarm Guardian, Spotter and Stank.

I’ll include three separate downloads, in case people don’t want all races installed. First up, like always, yes MPQ editing is against the terms of service. Most of you probably know this by now, but I have to say it or else I’ll get shouted at. My mods have been downloaded over 30,000 times now, and no one has been banned in the year that SC2 has been released. I’m not saying it’s impossible to get banned, just that it hasn’t happened yet. And if anyone was going to get banned, it’d be me seeing as I open and close SC2 with new experimental MPQs like 50+ times a day when I’m working on new things like this.


In order to open the games MPQ files to add the download, you’ll need to download MPQEditor. Don’t worry, it’s ridiculously easy to use. Make sure your SC2 is closed before doing any of this. In each of the downloads (one for each race), you’ll find two folders. One called “Assets”, the other “Mods”. The reason for this is because some models have been altered at some point in the past, and because of that, no longer load from the default base MPQ. This includes units like the Thor, Marine, Archon and a few others. If you want to keep those units working, you need to reapply the “Mods” folder when a major patch comes out, which I’ll explain below. Terran also have an extra folder called “LocalizedData”.

Before you open the MPQ files that you’ll be directed to below, make sure you BACK THEM UP in case you do something wrong or change your mind later. People will be asking me for a backup because they did something wrong and I won’t be providing it because it’ll literally take me weeks to upload. Just back it up somewhere on your computer, it’s not difficult.


Protoss Buildings


To install this, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft II\Mods\Liberty.SC2Mod and open base.SC2Assets using the MPQEditor and drop the folder inside. Even though both Terran and Protoss have the same Assets name, you can still drop them both in to the MPQ. It won’t replace whichever one you did first.


This one will stop working whenever there’s a major patch, and will need to be reapplied, but it only takes 5 seconds anyway. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft II\Versions and you’ll notice a bunch of folders called “Base” followed by a number. At the time of this being written (1.3.6), the last Base folder is called Base19132. If there’s a Base folder with a bigger number below it, use that instead. Once you’re in the base folder, open patch.SC2Archive with the MPQEditor and drop the Mods folder in there.

Some clients might begin to patch when you run them after you’ve installed this. I don’t know why some clients do this and others don’t, but it’s because of the Mods folder. If this happens to you, just reapply your backup and only install the Assets this time. Unfortunately you’ll be missing out on a couple of units, but there’s nothing I can do.

LocalizedData (Terran only)

For this folder, go back to C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft II\Mods\Liberty.SC2Mod, only this time open enGB.SC2Assets and then drop the folder in there. The reason Terran have this additional folder is because it includes the new voices for the Nova model.

After that, you should be ready to go. Close the MPQEditor and test it out.

A pretty amusing bug I came across when trying to mod the siege tank

After I tried to animate the Hunterling model to burrow, they began to overdose on Ready Brek

And the new battlecruiser flower

21 thoughts on “Dark Mercenary Model Swap

  1. yes I am doing everything in your guide but I started the patch,may need other files? of all I have is not working just Nova, marines, and the thor.i have winXP

  2. Nice,ty Teliko?but there’s a little problem:my stalker,sentry,carrier and archon just die like dark protoss,but they look like usual units/Also carrier launches dark interseptors,but personnaly varrier looks like usual carrier,what am i doing wrong?

  3. Keep up the good work, I’ve been using your mods for a few months and would like to express some thanks ^^
    Your mods keep starcraft 2 fresh and interesting.

  4. probably going to sound like a really dumb question. but i have been interested in your Dark Protoss buildings. will other players also see them the way i do or no? and if it’s not to much to do could you make like a video on how to do all these steps. I’m a visual learner and i love the pictures but there no pictures in how to add or do the steps your saying

  5. Is there any chance that you will possibly releasing more slightly customized/recolored UI’s like the dark protoss one? I’ve installed it seperately of the dark mercenaries mod (I had the patching issue, which I temporarily solved with the existor mod [myself before it was mentioned really on TL may I add, so proud ^^ :P] before it was broken) and I really enjoy it! Hopefully you have the motivation to do stuff like this in the future! You do soo much work and I really really love your stuff, as you’re probably one of the few people doing stuff like this for the SC2 Community! Thanks so much!

    • While it would be fun to totally redesign new UI’s from scratch, it’s not as easy as one might think. The textures are square images that automagically unfold around the 3D models of the UI. While the one I made still worked, it was because I changed the tone of the original texture. Completely redesigning a new one from scratch would take a lot more time, but I’m definitely interested in learning how to make them regardless of the boundaries. Thanks for the feedback, greatly appreciated ♥

    • Just tried it again on a fresh base.sc2assets file and it installed perfectly ._. I can’t help with a problem I’m not getting, sorry man.

      • You can try making a video for it, because it’s happening to me and to a lot of people. Everything except for the Nexus and Pylon become with the team color, fully. Like this:

        Maybe we’re doing something wrong, despite following the “Assets” instructions properly.

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