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This guide will instruct you on changing a majority of the SC2 clients font. Sometimes it doesn’t always work out how you want it, as not all fonts are fully compatible. I’ve noticed that with some fonts, some parts of the menu become unreadable due to the text being so small. You can change the text size in most cases, but for this particular case, I haven’t found a solution. It all depends on what font you’re using.

Here’s an in-game and menu example of the font “Mortis” in use. I’ll provide an MPQ-ready download link to the font later in the guide.

To begin with, a number of sites you can download new fonts from are dafont, 1001freefonts and fontspace. There’s lots more, but those three tend to have the biggest selections. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, then google is your friend. You’ll also need an MPQEditor in order to look in to the games archive files to swap the original font with the new one.

The MPQ in particular that you need is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft II\Mods\Core.SC2Mod. The MPQ you’ll be using is called Base.SC2DATA. Make sure you back this up somewhere safe in case you want to revert the change later. Open up the MPQ with the mpqeditor and navigate to UI\Fonts. Here you’ll see five different fonts. the four .otf’s titled “Eurostile” are the ones we need to replace. bl.ttf will need to be left default, as the game will try to patch if it gets replaced. This is a specific Blizzard font. At some point in the past, these fonts were used to replace old fonts during a patch. This means that whenever a new patch comes out, normally you’d have to redo this swap, because the names of the fonts will change. So in order to prevent this, copy the font you downloaded three more times and rename each one with one of the four font names in the MPQ. Sometimes when you download a new font, it’ll come in .ttf format. Obviously we can’t rename the format, and we need them to be in .otf. To convert fonts from .ttf to .otf, you can use

Once your four fonts are ready and in .otf format, just drag them in to the MPQ to replace the old ones. Make sure you get prompted to replace old files when you drop them in. Accept the replacement once at a time to be safe. If you didn’t get prompted four times, you’ve renamed one of them wrong. Find out which one it was, delete it from the MPQ and try again. You can also use 4 different fonts if you want, just make sure you give them each relevant names to the four fonts you’re replacing, being “Eurostile-Bol”, “Eurostile-Reg”, “EurostileExt-Med” and “EurostileExt-Reg”.

If you find the font to be too big or too small, go back to the UI folder within Base.SC2DATA and open FontStyles.SC2Style using notepad. Press CTRL + F and search for             “<!– Constants –>”. Underneath this, you’ll see a bunch of constants for various things such as the size of shadow a font casts, the size of the fonts themselves and the colour as well as a few other things. In terms of changing font size, the main ones we’re interested in are the 2nd to 6th ones titled FontSizeTiny, Small, Medium, Large and VeryLarge. Where it has written next to each title “val=”10″/>”, replace each number depending on whether you want to make them bigger or smaller. If you want to change the size of the shadow beneath the letters, you can also change the 2 in “”ShadowOffsetNormal” val=”2″/>”, but if you make this much bigger it can become quite irritating. Finding the font size you like is just trial and error. Change the value, save it, close it and run SC2. If you don’t like it, just try again.

Like I said, in some areas of the menus, the font size won’t change, but the in-game fonts are all changeable. You can download a fully renamed and reformatted MPQ-ready pack for the font I used in the screenshot here. To install it, just drop the four files in to the UI\Fonts folder in the MPQ and replace the previous ones.

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  1. Hey Teliko,

    After changing the Starcraft II fonts to a custom fonts I found that the fonts were too small and so I decided to follow your instructions on how to adjust the font sizes. I have tried tinkering around with the constant values, changing one at a time or changing all of them but the font size still stays the same. I was wondering if you can clarify this issue for me. Thanks for your time.

    • Try going to C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft II\Versions\Base19132, open patch.SC2Archive with the MPQEditor and go to Mods\Core.SC2Mod\Base.SC2Data\UI\ and open FontStyles.SC2Style with notepad. Adjust the font sizes from there and let me know how that works out.

      • Thanks for replying, I think the adjustments work after I changed the variables around. Although some of the font sizes in game did not change, it could probably be just the font itself. I’ll have to check this out with other fonts. Thanks again for the help!

          • Hi. I tried to change the constants in the Base19679 Folder but after changing it sc2 wont start anymore (it tries to update and brings an error)
            Do you have any new knowledge on changing the Fontsize? It would be very nice to increase the size of resources a bit! – The other sizes fits very well.
            Btw. your site is awesome

  2. Hey Teliko! Thanks for putting all this together, great work!
    Quick question: I was watching a pro players stream the other day and he had his interface completely modded up. The one thing he had that I can’t figure out how he did, is editing the text on his quickmatch screen.

    Example: Where it usually says 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4… He had 1|1 2|2 3|3 4|4.
    Any idea how he did that?

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