Collectors Edition Thor Is Here!

As most of you know, with the release of SC2 there was also a quite expensive and rare enough limited edition version, a pretty common thing for Blizz releases. For an extra 40 quid, you get a book of Blizzard artwork for SC2, a Jim Raynor USB with SC:BW installed, behind the scenes blah blah blah but anyway, the Collectors Edition Thor. A pretty decent looking reskin you can use in-game to make other people jelly.

While this is obviously going to be a client-side only edit, it’s still pretty awesome to look at the shiney new textures and high rez 250mm Cannon Strikes!

This isn’t going to be as simple as the previous MPQ edits I posted. I got the MPQ from the collectors edition and compared it to my own standard MPQ to see the exact differences and it doesn’t seem to be a matter of replacing the thor textures. While some of the files I replaced may not be fully neccessary, they were bigger than the ones in the default MPQ and I don’t want to take any risks. I advise you to do the same if you intend to use this. I’m going to give a pretty detailed explanation of what to do, so if you follow it carefully there should be no problems. Keep in mind that if you have a friend who owns the collectors edition, you can just get him to send you his MPQ each time a new major patch is released, but this would mean him having to upload roughly 110mb and you downloading 110mb. I don’t know about you, but my upload speed is 20kb/s. The file I’ve prepared is 5mb.

I extracted the only files you’re going to need from the collectors edition and compiled them together which you can Download here. The MPQ you need to open is located at SC2 > Versions > Base19132 > patch.SC2Archive. This is based on the current patch (1.3.6). If there’s a newer folder under Base19132, use the patch.SC2Archive in that folder instead. This does not include Shaders14513, 14515. Must begin with Base. Make sure you backup this MPQ before you start incase you make a mistake. Just copy it to your desktop or something.

There’s been reports that some non English clients can’t get this to work. If this is the case for you, copy your base.SC2Assets from Mods\Liberty.SC2Mod to your Mods\LibertyMulti.SC2Mod. Now add the files from this download to the relevent directories within the copy of your mpq then you should be done. If you still can’t get it to work, it’s likely you’re living in the US. A huge number of US client have been unable to get any form of MPQ edit to work. While I’ve been trying to work out why, it’s kind of hard without the US client/account.

Once you open this with your MPQEditor, you’ll notice it has the same folders as the download. Make sure you do this exactly as written because if you replace a folder when I haven’t said to, you’ll have to start again with the backup. From the download, first go to:


Then copy the file “SM_HyperionArmorer_RequiredAnims.m3a” to the exact same place in the MPQ editor. You should be replacing a file, not a folder. While you were able to go directly to the file in the download, the MPQ still has the other default folders mixed in along the way so make sure you’re clicking the right folder name.

After this, we can go back to the begining and this time go to:


There should be seven .DDS files all begining with “thor_”. Copy all of them and paste them into the same directory of the MPQ. It shouldn’t prompt you to know if you want to replace a previous file this time because these aren’t in the standard MPQ.

Now go back a folder to “Assets” and move to Units\Terran and there should be four folders begining with “Thor”. This time it’s ok to copy all four folders and paste them directly into the same location within the MPQ, replacing the previous.

Back again, this time to Liberty.SC2Mod. Go to Base.SC2Data\TextureReduction and copy the TextureReductionVariables to the same location in the MPQ, replacing the old.

Now your Thor should be ready. You can double check it by joining the custom map called “Unit Test” where you’ll be able to instantly spawn one. Or as many as you like. If your SC2 client starts to download a patch after you’ve done this when a Blizz patch isn’t due, it means you’ve put on of the files in the wrong place.

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