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With the popularity of MPQ editing expanding, so has the number of Mac users. I apologise for ignoring this fact for so long, as I was never really expecting the traffic on my website to reach a stage where I’d be getting emailed by Mac users every three or four days looking for a guide relevant to them.

Any information I post regarding Mac MPQ editing is completely third-hand information based on what I’ve learned from other Mac users and Google, as I have zero experience with Macs myself. Thus, if you notice anything I’ve left out or an easier method than what I post, I’d appreciate if it was brought to my attention to make life easier for other Mac users.

So, as most of you will have realised at this stage, MPQEditor is not viable for Macs. Your best alternative is a program called MPQ Extractor. This is used for extracting the MPQ archives, as unfortunately there is no Mac-supported MPQ browsing software. Another program you’ll need is DropMPQ. This will be used to recompile the modified MPQs.

To begin, open your desired MPQ using the MPQ Extractor. I’m assuming you can set file associations with Macs, so just set .MPQ, .SC2Assets and .SC2Data to all associate with MPQ Extractor. After you’ve opened the file, it apparently creates a new folder in the location of the MPQ. Drag this new folder to your desktop so you can start working with it. Inside the folder, there should be a premade folder structure that matches the structure of the archive, so now it’s just a matter of replacing the files with the new ones you downloaded for whatever mod you’re using. With Windows, you can just drop the main folder and it’ll only replace files that have similar names and ignore files that don’t have matches in the new folder, thus letting you combine them with one simple drag. I’m gonna guess Macs can do it too and say do that.

After you’ve rearranged the archive to match the mod you want to install, open DropMPQ and drop the modified folder inside, this should create an MPQ on your desktop. If the MPQ you were modifying was called something.SC2Assets or .SC2Data (e.g. base.SC2Assets or enUS.SC2Data) then you need to rename the file and replace MPQ with SC2Data or SC2Assets, whatever the original was called. If the original file was or, then it should be fine.

After that’s all done, just put the MPQ back into its relevant place in the SC2 install directory, replacing the old unmodified MPQ. Make sure you keep the old one safe backed up somewhere in case you change your mind at some point.

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  1. Hi, I downloaded MPQ Extractor but when i opened it nothing popped up? Must i located the MPQ file first? or will that software find it for me?

    Please help!, Desperately want to change my background pics!:D

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