I added this section because of the number of emails I keep getting looking for help with mods. I know this stuff can be really confusing and I don’t mind helping individual people out every so often, but answering the exact same question five or six times a week can get really frustrating. If you can think of any other commonly asked questions, leave a suggestion below and if it’s not too specific, I’ll probably add it to the list.


Q. My game keeps patching after I install a mod.

A. It’s really easy to do something wrong when it comes to mods like these. Double check you did everything correctly, you should get a popup from the MPQEditor asking you to confirm the replacement of old files. If you’re not getting this, it’s likely you’re putting them into the wrong place or the wrong MPQ. If you’re 100% you’ve done everything correctly, then the odds are you’ve come across what’s referred to as the “patch bug”. I’ve recently found a way for people to get around this, you can refer to the Patch Bug page to learn how.


Q. Colour mods aren’t working properly. Buildings appear completely untextured.

A. By my understanding, it’s usually people who get the patching bug who get this issue also. I’m going to try reformat all the textures until I find a format that doesn’t cause this issue, but I’ve never actually encountered it before, so I can’t really do anything about it quite yet. I plan on spam reinstalling the US client as part of an experiment to find out what’s causing the patching issue, so I might be able to encounter this problem too.


Q. When I run the game after installing a mod, there’s chequered boxes everywhere.

A. You’re most likely still running the MPQEditor. It’s important to never have both SC2 and MPQEditor running at the same time, as the MPQ can only be used from one source at once. If you try running SC2 while the MPQ is already in use, it’ll simply be denied access and anything in the MPQ will fail to load, thus replacing it with boxes or circles.


Q. I made a mistake and didn’t make a backup.

A. Not my problem. I’ve said countless times how important it is to backup everything. You most likely didn’t pay attention or forgot. Either way, I won’t be providing backups. Every time a patch comes out, I’d have to reupload new files, totalling to 4+ gigs of info every time which my bandwidth simply can’t support. One thing you can try is completely removing the target MPQ from your installation folder and running the Repair.exe. If this fails, you probably need to reinstall the game.


Q. Can you make me a custom background?

A. Most likely, but please post your requests in my thread on TeamLiquid. By doing this, you support me by increasing the communities awareness to my presence, which motivates me to make more cool stuff.

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