Clan Outfit Production

It’s been a few weeks now since our clan hit rank 15, being the second on the server to do so. Now we’ve also managed to gather a huge quantity of resources for our clan outfit, something that couldn’t be done without the cooperation of everyone working together. What we’ve accomplished goes far beyond what 99% of clans will achieve even within the next year.

Now it’s time to make that hard work pay off as we finally approach the last step, being the gathering of final materials required to fully produce our outfit. It’s become apparent that it’s still unclear to a lot of our members how exactly they’re supposed to help with this final step, so for this reason I’ve compiled this guide showing you exactly all the resources remaining and all the methods of obtaining them, in order of priority. Note that you can view all the remaining resources in the “Design” tab of the clan (H) menu.


BEWARE: Please note that I do have a log showing everything that everyone has helped with in this stage. This final stage is no small feat. It requires a lot of teamwork and everyone really does need to pull their weight if they want to make this happen, so I expect to see everyone’s name at least once. For this reason I’ll be regulating who actually gets outfits from this point on. Once we’re reaching completion, I’ll start providing outfits to those that have proven their worth in actually wanting to wear it. There’s really no point in you being in this clan if you’re not willing to help out like the rest of us. Weekly donations may no longer be in operation, but that doesn’t mean the work is over.

So, without further ado;

Stylish Guerilla Design (x30)

The first thing to note about this pattern is not to mix it up with Stylish Guerilla Bandana Design. They’re two different things and the latter is not required. The main method you’ll often see me farming this is when I arrange groups for Cold Storage (cs) in clan chat. After you down the first boss, a merchant will spawn on your way to the exit. This merchant sells you the pattern for 100 Freezing Orbs that drop from the boss/dynamic quest loot box.

The second method is via the Zen Bean traders. They will sell you this pattern for 20,000 beans. Now you can probably see why this is the highest priority design, as it’s by far the most challenging to farm. If you talk to the bean trader and navigate to the 1v1 or tag team tab, you’ll find the patterns at the bottom. Please note that you do need to be rated Gold or higher in the relevant tab to purchase it.

Feral Fang Design (x30)

This follows a similar routine to the Guerilla design, just cheaper. If 100 Freezing Orbs or 20,000 beans is beyond your reach, this can be your alternative. It can be sold from the same sources for either 60 Freezing Orbs or 5,000 beans. But do try to focus on the Guerilla first as it’s by far our biggest hurdle.

Air Assassin Bandana Recipe (x30)

Similar to Guerilla, be careful not to mix this up with Air Assassin Recipe. Again, a different pattern. Obtaining this via farming isn’t really realistic as the only place it drops is Kaari Lord, the bonus second bonus in Cold Storage that requires the 3 coloured orbs to summon. With that said, I’m still doing as best I can myself to continue farming it each day by doing double boss runs whenever I can. For that reason it’s important that others mail me the 3 orbs that look like this;

I will always be summoning the second boss regardless, so this will save our main farming team from having to purchase any orbs we’re missing if the rest of the clan continue to provide them for us. There’s a random chance you’ll get these orbs as loot from your dynamic quest loot box after the first boss in Cold Storage. If you do, please mail it to Teliko.

The other method of obtaining this pattern is from the Marketplace. It’s being sold from the Hongmoon store under “Materials” for 249nc and is tradable, meaning people are trying to sell it on the market for gold. If you see it at a reasonable price, please consider purchasing it from there also.

If you’re interested in running Cold Storage yourself multiple times per day, which is honestly advisable considering the huge amount of experience it provides, you can also help us by doing reset runs. To do this you need to purchase a reset token, which you can buy from the Hongmoon Store for 59hm/nc coins under the Supply tab. However, due to the huge amount of experience the dungeon provides, you’re limited to purchasing 5 of these per day. Once you’ve bought one, press P, go to Dungeon tab and you can reset from there.

Daybreak Top/Bottom Recipe (x5/x5)

These patterns have now been fully gathered and are no longer required.

These two patterns, as you can imagine, share the methods with which they are obtained. The first is similar to Air Assassin, being a drop from Kaari Lord and is another I’m actively trying to farm. The second method, however, differs slightly. Instead of just being sold for 249nc coins, it’s also being sold for 249hm coins. This means using the currency exchange, you could purchase either of these patterns for an estimated 12 Gold at current market rates, and they will also be sold by others on the marketplace.

Dye Polish (x69)

This also follows suite from the last two patterns, being a drop from Kaari Lord and being sold on the Hongmoon store for 79nc. However, it’s not sold for hm coins. But due to it’s low cost, it’s being sold en masse on the marketplace for very low prices, so please keep your eye out for these.


So, to summarise, please keep doing your PvP dailies, farm up zen beans, forward on your orbs and keep an eye on the marketplace. It may seem like we have a long way to go, but when you consider how far we’ve come and how much stronger our numbers have gotten, these last few steps are really just a couple drops in the ocean. As long as everyone does their part, we’ll have one of the rarest, most expensive and most uniquely designed outfits within a couple weeks.


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