The guide on how to create these yourself can be found here.

I’ve decided to temporarily open requests again. Go here to make your request.

Any future DDS files will also be added to the Facebook page.

Anyone who no longer wants to use custom pictures and forgot to backup their mpq can download the defaults for Terran, Zerg, Toss, Random and main menu here. These files are in .DDS format, so you’re still going to need to MPQEditor to replace them.

8 thoughts on “Backgrounds

  1. Love all the work you’ve done! ♥

    I get bored of the backgrounds and change them every couple of months. Quick question though, have you managed to find the DSS file for the log on screen? Just had a quick look though your awsome backgrounds but didn’t see any for it :/

    • If you’re referring to the screen that displays where you input your password, I’m afraid that’s an animated .m3 model, not a dds file. While changing it is possible, it’s much more complicated and you’d actually need some experience at 3D modelling seeing as there isn’t really any alternative versions of it. If however you’re just referring to the loading screen, then there’s actually a section in the main guide on how to do that. To find it, Ctrl + F search fom “startupimage” in the tutorial and it should bring you to it.

    • I never had the DDS for this, it was the first one created and distributed via an MPQ because this was back in the day before I wrote these guides and not many people knew how to install the DDS files individually. It seems the original owner has subsequently removed the MPQ as all the links are 404ing for me, so the DDS will need to be made fresh.

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