*Update: Unfortunately Blizzard has taken action against MPQ editing with the release of HotS, making modding no┬álonger possible to achieve. I’m leaving my content up as a testament to the past and the time and effort I put in to this, but please do not attempt to replicate these mods any longer.

Welcome to StarCraft 2 Customisation. This is a website with the primary focus of developing modifications for the players of SC2 to make the game more enjoyable and entertaining in areas that Blizzard have no real interest in implementing new features for us any time soon. While it can be tricky to get the hang of at first, all going well you should have a fairly good understanding of how the work I do is done after you’ve had a read of some of my releases and will be able to do all sorts of new things for yourself.

So far, I’ve written guides on things such as changing the looks of ingame models, the textures, sounds, languages, background pictures and even fonts. If you’ve got any new ideas or would like to learn something I may not have explained throughout the guides, feel free to ask. My main interest for this website is to help the SC2 community make the game look how they want it.

Obviously I need to point out that all my guides involve modifying the games MPQ archives and are for educational purposes only. Strictly speaking, this is against the Terms of Use. If you were to ask an official Blizzard employee, of course, they would tell you not to do it, because they’re not going to publicly support breaking the ToS. That said, right now all of the files I’ve released publicly for my mods have been downloaded a total of over 70,000 times since I first started all this in March 2011. I’ve never tried to hide my identity anywhere that I share my work. Anyone could have emailed me at any time, and so, if anyone had been banned, I’d have started getting a few angry emails by now. On top of all that, multiple famous SC progamers also openly show off their modded SC2 clients on livestreams. Most notably, the GSL code S champion; oGsMC which he showed off on a video for

I’d also like to make it clear that anything I release is purely for entertainment. In no way do I support abusing MPQ editing to gain an advantage over other players in-game and have no intentions on releasing anything of such potential. If you’ve come here looking for ways to exploit MPQ editing, you’ve come to the wrong place.

This website is still fairly new. I’m still transferring all my work over from my old Blogger website and trying to improve on things, so expect minor changes to the website every now and then. Obviously I’d greatly appreciate any suggestions as to how you’d like the website to look also, so feel free to email me if you notice anything I can improve on.

For now, I hope you enjoy some rather lengthy reads such as this one, and learning more about how StarCraft is made.

13 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Your work is really n1,
    i like the terran units model swap most, but i think it would be cool if you could switch nova for phantom, because i think they look cooler :D

    ps: If it doesnt make too much work

    • I already tried a mod like that, and while it was an awesome success where I was able to do things like change player 1 and 2 to black and white or make all the colours a lot stronger, it ended up causing the player using it to desynchronise from the game because their values were different from the opposing player. The only way for it to work would be for all players participating in the game to be using it. So it might be good for LANs (lol jk) or something, but other than that, It seems to be impossible.

  2. One customization that I would love would be for the ability to make or add custom cursors for in game use. Is this possible and could you do another amazing how to on how to do that?

    Thanks for everything!!!

      • Amazing! If you made a cursor that was 200% the size of the original I would love it! Even better woul be a method to put in place your own.


        Love you work!

          • I’ve been working on it, but it’s not that easy. The dds’ used for cursors are very delicate. Changing them can easily make the game crash as soon as their loaded, so they need to have equal properties to the original. dds files can be made in an annoying number of formats, so it’s hard to recreate.

  3. Do you know if you can play custom games on regular maps with custom units? Nothing crazy. I would just like to change simple things like movement speed and spell duration… You know, so I could play Star Craft in a BALANCED environment the way it was meant to be played. Pretty much just make my own patch for custom games.

    • You can design your own custom games from scratch using the Map Editor located at C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft II\StarCraft II Editor.exe

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